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  • Activates the reduction1 and maintenance of body weight1,2,3.
  • Immediately improves the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates1.
  • Excellent absorption thanks to DRcaps® capsules.
  • Favorably impacts the absorption of nutrients1,4.
  • Uses the patented form of piperine - BioPerine®.
  • One capsule a day is enough to enjoy the maximum effects.

Piperinox are the most effective capsules using the power of piperine. They contain the patented form of BioPerine®, which has a beneficial effect on weight loss, activating metabolism and improving the absorption of nutrients. Try it now!

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The effect of piperine on weight loss

Piperine is a multi-directional substance supporting the weight loss process by:
Promotion of glucose uptake in skeletal muscles, thanks to which it is used for energy purposes, not for the creation of new fat cells (lipogenesis).
Increased lipolysis, or breakdown of fat.
Regulating the concentration of leptin (satiety hormone) and ghrelin (hunger hormone), reducing appetite, especially for foods rich in simple carbohydrates.
Increasing the level of adiponectin and lowering insulin levels, which helps in achieving an energy balance and reduces the accumulation of fat, especially in the abdominal area.
Increasing the level of lactate in the cells, which increases the energy expenditure (even resting!), thermogenesis and the browning of adipose tissue.
Acceleration of regeneration of muscles damaged after exercise, and thus increased muscle mass and strength as well as physical efficiency,.
Maintaining energy expenditure on a high level (metabolism).
Stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and increasing the absorption of nutrients from foods.

The difference between BioPerine® and regular piperine

BioPerine® is an innovative form of piperine devoid of chemicals used for growing plants such as: fertilizers, concentrates, nutrients, pesticides or other plant protection products. The safety of its use has been confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Thanks to better absorption, in comparison to the conventional form, and the use of this form, a significant increase in bioavailability of other valuable components of this supplement is observed. This even leads to a 30-fold increase in its effects. In addition, BioPerine® contains more piperine than black pepper extract, which further intensifies the effectiveness of the product.


Efficiency guaranteed by DRcaps®

The adequate absorption of active ingredients may be difficult to obtain in the acidic environment of the stomach. This is due to the unfavorable conditions prevailing in it, the low pH of gastric acid can cause the degradation of components, destroy their structure, thus weakening the effect of the supplement. Piperinox, thanks to the use of vegetarian DRcaps® capsules, gets into the intestines, where the valuable ingredients are released, almost intact. All this makes Piperinox a definite number 1 among piperine diet supplements. Check out its properties now!


The capsule is almost completely resistant to gastric acid. The best absorption guarantee.


A vegetarian capsule is designed to release ingredients with the greatest benefit for you.


Improved protection of sensitive and hygroscopic components in the environment with a reduced pH, namely the stomach.


It eliminates potentially unpleasant stomach problems (heartburn, bloating) and masks the taste and smell.

Effectiveness of ingredients protection confirmed by testing

The study was designed to observe the in vivo behavior of empty DRcaps® capsules using qualitative and quantitative imaging methods to assess the gastrointestinal transit and release of the DRcaps® capsule content based on the scintigraphic images obtained.

Each examined patient consumed a light meal about 30 minutes before ingesting a DRcaps® capsule containing 300 mg lactose, of which 10 mg was radioactively marked. The photographs in the AP and PA projections were made after taking the capsule, and then every 5 minutes for four hours after administration.

Source: DRCaps® Capsules Achieve Delayed Release Properties for Nutritional Ingredients in Human Clinical Study, 2014
  • DRcaps® capsules exhibit delayed release properties.
  • The disintegration of the capsule began about 45 minutes later than in a typical immediate-release capsule where this process takes about 5 minutes.
  • For the majority of respondents, full release took place in the intestine.
  • Complete release of active ingredients occurred 20 minutes after the release started.
  • DRcaps® capsules significantly reduce the possibility of nutrient degradation compared to standard immediate-release capsules.

The capsule goes
to the stomach.


The beginning
of release.


Complete release
in the intestine.

Expert opinion

Piperinox is a recommendable dietary supplement supporting the weight loss process. Fighting to achieve a proper body weight and a slim figure requires a lot of work and many sacrifices. Often, however, after the end of a diet, the old weight somehow seems to come back (the so-called yo-yo effect). Research carried out among obese people confirms the effectiveness of piperine in stabilizing the obtained body mass after the end of diet. Thanks to the comprehensive action, not only is body fat content and the appetite reduced, but the body's efficiency and state of health are also improved. Thanks to Piperinox, the weight loss process lasts slightly longer, but it is safe, does not require a lot of sacrifice and guarantees enjoyment of the weight loss effects for a long time. A balanced diet, physical activity and Piperinox are the path to success in achieving a dream figure.



BioPerine® Black Pepper Fruit Extract
  • Facilitates weight control.
  • Supports liver cleansing functions by supporting blood circulation through small capillaries.
  • Supports the functioning of the immune system.
  • Has antioxidant properties.
  • Supports the absorption of nutrients.
Cinnamon Bark Extract
  • Helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Facilitates weight control.
  • Improves digestive comfort.
Bitter Orange Fruit Extract
  • Facilitates weight control.
  • Supports the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.
Ginger Rhizomes Extract
  • Supports the functioning of the immune system.
  • Has an antioxidant effect.
  • Supports the absorption of nutrients.
  • It lowers the blood sugar level.
  • Supports carbohydrate metabolism.
Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract
  • Has a positive impact on weight reduction.
  • Protects the stomach in case of contact with corrosive substances.
  • Protects the stomach in case of contact with corrosive substances.
  • Supports digestion.
Guarana Seed Extract
  • It has a stimulating effect.
  • Supports lipid metabolism.

Customer testimonials

Piperinox’s effectiveness is proven by numerous positive customer feedback!
Name: Annie
Age: 21 years

I have been using Piperinox for almost 3 months and I can’t get over the admiration for this supplement. Earlier, I had had problems with shedding excessive weight, but after using Piperinox I lost almost 4 kilograms!

Name: Marius
Age: 33 years

I used Piperinox for the first time after being persuaded by my partner. I didn’t think, however, that I would get such results. Thanks to it I have lost superfluous belly fat and I am ready for summer!

Name: Monica
Age: 27 years

I took advantage of the wonderful properties of piperine after being persuaded by a dietitian. This is the second piperine supplement that I have used, and it was Piperinox that made my weight go down! It is a definite leader due to its ingredients.

Name: Martha
Age: 24 years

The piperine in this product seems to work much better than the competition’s! In addition, the capsules do not cause these unpleasant stomach ailments that each of us knows – I’m guessing here, but this is probably due to DRcaps. Thanks to Piperinox I've lost 8 kg, and I have been using the supplement for only 3 months. Brilliant and safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use Piperinox?
The recommended dose is 1 capsule a day, taken between meals. The supplement should be taken with about 300 ml of water.
What effects can I expect when using Piperinox?
Piperinox helps to slim the figure in a safe and effective way. It also has a positive impact on the metabolism of nutrients and the absorption and stabilization of blood sugar levels.
Who can use Piperinox?
Piperinox is recommended for both women and men who want to control their body weight in a safe way.
When can I expect to see the effects of using Piperinox?
The first effects of using Piperinox are visible after just a few weeks of use.
What distinguishes Piperinox from other products?
Piperinox uses the patented form of BioPerine®, an extract obtained from black pepper fruits. During the manufacturing of Piperinox DRcaps® capsules were used, which help the active ingredients to go straight into the intestines.
Is the use of Piperinox completely safe for health?
Yes, the use of Piperinox is completely safe. The formula was composed so that it would be well tolerated even by people with high sensitivity.
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